In May 2018, the European funding project SECREDAS (Product Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems) was launched with the aim of expanding security and data protection in the fields of road, rail and health. Over 70 partners from 16 countries have joined to develop solutions within in 3 years.

The project will be completed by end of October 2021 and STACKFORCE is one of the companies that has worked intensively on sub-projects for SECREDAS. The project results are currently being presented (from 19 to 20. 10. 2021) at the final project conference in the Netherlands. Managing Director David Rahusen and Tobias Reich, one of our junior developers, are on site for STACKFORCE. Interested visitors will be able to see a demonstrator on the subject of “Secure Commissioning” at the STACKFORCE booth and receive information on further project results.

Among others, STACKFORCE worked on the following sub-projects within the SECREDAS project:


  • Security Suite for Low Power Wireless Protocols
    The security suite is used to setup secure sessions, either persistent or temporary for secure communication.
  • Secure Commissioning
    Ensuring the security level between an application server and LPWAN devices during the commissioning process.
  • Secure Serial Interface for API Transport Protocol (Secure SATP)
    Enhancing the serial communication protocol with more security features.
  • Test System
    Enabling the testing and verification of the robustness, correct functionalities and security of communication systems.


  • Providing the “mioty + LoRaWAN” dual stack to PDMFC to evaluate for the task of “Vehicle Status Monitoring” using LPWAN connectivity.

Read more about our participation at the SECREDAS project.

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