the massive IoT technology

Innovative WITH telegram-splitting technology

The miniaturized Internet of Things (IoT) system MIOTY®, developed by Fraunhofer IIS, innovates the field of wireless data transmission with it's asymmetrical transmission method that uses scores of simple sensor nodes and a complex receiver. Therefore, it increases cost efficiency, transmission range, transmission security and battery life.


Interesting facts about MIOTY®:

  • up to 15 km transmission range in flat terrain and up to 5 km transmission range in urban terrain
  • up to 1,5 mil telegrams per day
  • up to 1 mil sensors
  • up to 20 years battery life

Consulting & Support

As beeing part of the MIOTY alliance right from the start, we're able to offer experienced consulting and support for all facets of the MIOTY system.

We also provide individual trainings, at our premises or yours, deeply technical including hands-on, but also a mixture of commercial and technical point of view.

Development, Customization & Tools

We can provide everything you need to enable MIOTY for your products. Beginning at a first or training, continued by providing development services, support and tools (such as test and monitoring solutions), up to a complete product development.

STACKFORCE is proud To Be a Founding member of the MIOTY® Alliance!


STACKFORCE is developing and maintaining the innovative MIOTY®  Protocol Stack, which sets new standards to the field of wireless data transmission and is highly flexible in application areas.

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