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Current vacancies

Job location: Heitersheim or Offenburg
Job location: Heitersheim
Job location: Heitersheim or Offenburg
Job location: Heitersheim


Work and life at STACKFORCE can be described the best as challenging versatile but familiar.

Versatile, because we're working with a huge number of platforms like dozens of different microcontroller and transceivers, completely different Software Frameworks and Operating Systems, and of course customer specific hardware by a huge variety of customers, products and applications.

Familiar because of our very good team and working climate. We always stay together and help each other, no matter if there are tiny day by day problems or even big hurdles. Everybody is responsible and we are focused on spreading all our knowledge throughout the whole team.

Of course some key benefits like the following are available at STACKFORCE as well:

flexible working times
home office
company pension
always fresh mineral water and fruits for free
employee events
family friendly
internet use

Don't miss the experience of "work and life" at STACKFORCE!

Education, thesis and interim work

In the list below you also find a few topics we're currently offering as a thesis work.

However, the offers are not fixed and we're also curious to hear about your ideas.

And of course we do have way more ideas in mind than listed here. Simply drop us a mail including a short introduction what you're looking for!

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Unsolicited application

We're always curious to meet enthusiastic people interested in the field of embedded and/or connectivity. Therefore, if you're

  • a skilled developer,
  • an enthusiastic programmer,
  • a communicative application engineer,
  • ....

and you might fit into our team and you could identify yourself with our activities and projects, then don't hesitate to

Send us your unsolicited application