Another step towards Industry 4.0:

We are pleased to announce that STACKFORCE has received the approval for the "KI-MUSIK-4.0" funding project. This project addresses the development and implementation of autonomous, highly integrated multi-sensor systems with real-time data and information processing based on methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and is another step towards Industry 4.0.

Our sub-project in the funding project includes the conception, implementation and evaluation of an AI-based intelligent network management. The aim of this network management is not only to take on the tasks of managing the data stream, but also tasks for managing communication and energy optimization for the individual network components, so that maybe energy self-sufficient systems can also be used. From an industrial point of view, this could help to promote the autonomy of production plants, to carry out their maintenance in a predictive manner and to improve the monitoring of industrial processes same as to increase the energy efficiency of sensor systems up to energy self-sufficiency.

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