STACKFORCE has been developing IoT related communication protocols, standards and solutions since 2002. Thus the portfolio of protocols that have been and are developed by STACKFORCE is very well covering a broad variety of IoT demands and requirements. Since 2015 STACKFORCE is supporting the LoRaWAN community, by developing and maintaining the official LoRaWAN end node stack hosted at Github. Now STACKFORCE also supports the well-known and proven SIGFOX network. This is clearly another important step towards the integration of the most important end device protocols, which fit to the different applications, use cases and business cases of the IoT.

We already have been enabling first devices to connect to the SIGFOX network as a development service provider in the background. Now we decided to step out of the dark. And since we’re familiar with a huge number of IoT and Industry 4.0 related communication standards, maybe we’ll launch a new product that will dramatically ease connecting embedded devices to the Internet of Things, … stay tuned …

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