mioty Radio Module

The mioty® Radio Module combines the advantages of our innovative mioty® Stack and the high-functional COUA radio module and therefore is an effective solution in many ways to connect your product with your (Industrial) Internet of Things (IoT) network.


  • ETSI TS 103357
  • innovative telegram-splitting technology, therefore highly resistant to interference
  • transmission range up to 15 km (flat terrain) / 5 km (urban terrain)
  • up to 1,5 mil telegrams per day
  • up to 1 mil sensors
  • stationary or mobile application up to 120 km/h

You want to benefit from the innovative mioty® technology but do not need a radio module?
We also offer this protocol as a stack solution!

Learn more about the mioty® Stack by STACKFORCE


Thanks to the innovative telegram-splitting technology, the data is not - as common in the LPWAN - transmitted as an entire data packet, but split into smaller data subpackets at PHY level. This significantly increases the probability for success for data transmission, even in the case of temporary interference or overlaps with other radio networks. The specified Packet Error Rates (PER) are below 1 %.

Radio Module Features

single embedded Sub-1-GHz radio module

ultra low power modes:

RX: 5.5 mA
sleep mode: 185 nA

small size:

15 x 15 mm

frequency band:

 868 MHz (EU)

supply voltage:

1.8 - 3.8 V

output power:

+14 dBm

Commercial Features

  • first level support
  • easy commissioning and configuration
  • warranty and maintenance
  • ensures a high quality product

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