Test Gateway

The wireless M-Bus Test Gateway is an highly interactive analyse, monitoring and data logging tool. It enables visualization, testing and supervision of telegrams in development and operation phase of wireless networks and can be customized individually to the special needs of your Internet of Things (IoT).





User Interfaces

  • standalone web-interface for easy configuration
  • optional:
    • web-interface providing telegram and sequence visualization
    • centralized management of multiple test gateways
    • SSH

Data Interfaces

for receiving and transmitting data as JSON objects, also for configuration:

  • MQTT
  • optional: SSH

Other standard and custom interfaces are possible.

Radio interface

  • 1 x 868 MHz Radio Module RAWRI
  • optional:
    • up to 3 x Radio Modules RAWRI
      • for simultaneous monitoring of meter and gateway transmissions
      • for continuous reception also during transmission
    • 169 MHz Radio Module RAWRI
  • RAWRI supports reception of modes S, T or C (868 MHz version), mode N (169 MHz version), meters and other devices (aka concentrator / coolectors)
  • preloading and transmission of telegrams:
    • triggers for transmission:
      • sync word detection
      • end of packet detection
    • conditions for transmission:
      • full or partial address match


compliance validation and robustness tests,
e.g. during device development, ...

compliant to wM-Bus standard EN 13757-3/-4/-7 and to several sub-standards, e.g. OMS specification

receive and provide fully parsed and structured wM-Bus radio telegrams

fully automated production tests


monitoring and logging of wM-Bus traffic,
e.g. for duration tests, field analysis, ...

standalone web-interface for easy configuration


  • first level support
  • easy commissioning and configuration
  • warranty and maintenance
  • ensures a high quality product

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