Wireless M-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge

The wireless M-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge is a communication device which transmits wireless M-Bus meter data to your own Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by using mainly Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN®), mioty® or Sigfox network technology.

collects data by devices sending their data via wireless M-Bus

forwards data to your IoT cloud backend via mioty®LoRaWAN® or Sigfox

STACKFORCE owns the famous, well-known and well-proven hardware independent Wireless M-Bus Stack.

STACKFORCE develops and maintains an Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack.

STACKFORCE is an experienced integrator of Sigfox.

STACKFORCE ​​​​​​​develops and maintains a mioty® Stack.

What would be more obvious than to have STACKFORCE to combine wireless M-Bus with LoRaWAN®, mioty® or Sigfox to create the wireless M-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge?

Use our WM-BUS-to-LPWAN Bridge for bringing your existing networks up to date!
Using the innovative Bridge will save you time and money!

Remote Management

Manage the wM-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge remotely from within your IoT Cloud Backend:

  • add or remove meters to be considered for bridging
  • set the encryption key to enable data filtering
  • change configuration like heartbeat interval
  • add, modify or remove data filters to optimize amount of data to be transmitted via LPWAN
  • temporary switch to class C for enabling quick configuration

All done remotely, from within your IoT Cloud Backend.


Product Derivatives

wM-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge Performance:

  • power supply via external 5 V USB interface ( USB mini to USB cable included)
  • protection class IP 54
  • 1 - n connected meter

wM-Bus-to-LPWAN Bridge Independence:

  • power supply via included battery (battery lifetime up to 16 years)
  • protection class IP 68
  • 1 - 4 meter



  • configuration via USB or remote via LoRaWAN
  • wM-Bus and LoRaWAN compliant encryption
  • supports OMS security profiles A and B
  • fragmentation of wM-Bus data for transport via LoRaWAN® / mioty® / Sigfox
  • IP-rating IP67
  • white label order possible

Wireless M-Bus:

  • supported specifications: EN 13757, OMS v3 / v4, ... , and many more
  • supported wM-Bus modes: S1, S1-m, S2, T1, T2, R2, C1 T-A, C2 T-A, C1 T-B, C2 T-B
  • optional: bidirectional communication with wM-Bus devices


  • supported class A and C
    optional: Class B
  • supports specification v1.0.2b
    optional: v1.0.3 and v1.1
  • designed for region EU868
    optional: IN865, AS923, US915, AU915, KR920
  • Activation by Personalization (ABP) or Over-The-Air-Activation (OTAA)


  • innovative telegram-splitting technology
  • highly resistant to interference
  • transmission range up to 15 km (flat terrain) / 5 km (urban terrain)


  • supported specification v2.3.1
  • designed for region RC1
    optional: RC2, RC3, RC4
  • operation in the ISM bands (868 / 915 MHz)
  • data rate either 100 or 600 Bits/s
  • transmission range up to 50 km (flat terrain) / 10 km (urban terrain)

Commercial Features

  • first level support
  • easy commissioning and configuration
  • warranty and maintenance
  • ensures a high quality product

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