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The Industrial LoRaWAN®  Protocol Stack is a more advanced development of the Open Source Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN®) stack. It is intended for productive industrial use in complex environments with high security requirements and at maximum performance.

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OUR Industrial LoRaWAN® Stack ArchitecturE

The Industrial LoRaWAN® Protocol Stack is an implementation of the LoRaWAN® Specification v1.0.3 and the LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters v1.0.3refA, designed for operation of end nodes according to this standard. The stack can be operated inside (library version) or as (modem version) an embedded firmware for operation at a microcontroller or system-on-chip. The library version (object code) includes an example application and an example project for IDE and can be used in conjunction with an embedded operation system (OS) dedicated for microcontrollers,  while the modem version (firmware / binary) includes a serial interface and power management. Both versions are available with the Industrial LoRaWAN® Protocol Stack and can be used.

Industrial LoRaWAN Protocol Stack architecture

Open Source vs. INdustrial

Stack Features

Software Library

  • Flexible API and interface for externalization of security functions
  • Well-formed Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Unified look-and-feel of API for all protocol stacks

Support of hardware acceleration

If provided by the platform, the stack supports use of hardware acceleration, like:

  • AES de- / encryption
  • CRC-16
  • De- / encoding of Manchester, 3 out of 6, ...

Modem Software

  • All API functions available via well-proven serial interface with minimum overhead
  • Support for several serial interfaces, like UART (default), SPI, I²C, ...
  • For sensitive applications: AES encryption for serial interface

Support of any type of non-volatile memory

  • EEPROM, Flash, MRAM, ...
  • Internal / external (e.g. connected via SPI)

Beyond LoRaWAN®

You want to benefit from the features of LoRaWAN® in your network, but would like to implement other LPWAN technologies like mioty® or Sigfox, too? Or you want to enhance your wireless M-Bus metering network with the advantages of LoRaWAN®? We make it possible!

Our Multi-Stacks offer the possibility to choose between several stacks and radio standards, such as mioty®, LoRaWAN®, wireless M-Bus, OMS, Sigfox and others. This flexible solution allows you to achieve maximum usability when you connect your product to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The wireless M-Bus Protocol Stack is compliant to the wireless M-Bus / OMS standard and additionally has professional support. It is optimized towards a compromise of small footprint, excellent modularity and scalability, combined with high functionality.

Commercial features

  • First level support
  • Easy commissioning and configuration
  • Warranty and maintenance
  • Ensures a high quality product
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