The high performance 4-in-1 Multi-Stack offers the maximum of usability by the possibility to choose between MIOTY®, wireless M-Bus, Sigfox or LoRaWAN® and therefore presents the ultimative flexible solution for connecting your product to the Internet of Things (IoT).


CUSTOMIZATION and services

  • reception as software package or as fully implemented hardware ready product
  • other wireless interfaces possible
  • white label production possible
  • integration services
  • complete network installation and operation
  • data parsing and formatting libraries available


Command Line Interface (CLI)

enables quick start to easily start sending and receiving telegrams using the well-proven STACKFORCE API Transport Protocol (SATP)

port and customization

of the Multi-Stack possible to any suitable hardware and needs

secure serial communication

by enabling encryption for all serial frames


  • one stop shopping
  • first level support included
  • easy commissioning and configuration
  • warranty and support
  • guarantees a high-quality standard of your product

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