WMBus-to-LPWAN Bridge

LoRaWAN Sigfox
WMBus-to-LPWAN Bridge

Use our WMBUS-to-LPWAN Bridge for bringing your existing networks up to date! Using the innovative Bridge will save you time and money!

Collects data by devices sending their data via Wireless M-Bus.

Forwards data to your IoT cloud backend via LoRaWAN or SIGFOX.

Fact 1: STACKFORCE owns the famous, well-known and well-proven hardware independent Wireless M-Bus Stack.

Fact 2: STACKFORCE maintains the commonly best-known open source implementation of the LoRaWAN end node stack.

Fact 3: STACKFORCE is an experienced integrator of Sigfox.

Conclusion: What would be more obvious than STACKFORCE is the ideal candidate to combine Wireless M-Bus with LPWAN stacks to create the WMBus-to-LPWAN Bridge?

Remote Management

Manage the WMBus-to-LPWAN Bridge remotely from within your IoT Cloud Backend:

  • Add or remove meters to be considered for bridging.
  • Set the encryption key to enable data filtering.
  • Change configuration like heartbeat interval.
  • Add, modify or remove data filters to optimize amount of data to be transmitted via LPWAN.
  • Temporary switch to class C for enabling quick configuration.

All done remotely, from within your IoT Cloud Backend.

Scan mode

Use the scan mode to detect all available Wireless M-Bus devices that are in range of the WMBus-to-LPWAN Bridge and can be collected respective forwarded to your IoT Cloud Backend.

Receive a list of all devices at your IoT Cloud Backend to choose the devices to be considered and configure the bridge accordingly.

All done remotely, from within your IoT Cloud Backend.

Wireless M-Bus features

  • Supports specification
    • EN 13757
    • OMS v3
    • OMS v4
    • ... and many more
  • Supports Wireless M-Bus modes
    • T1/T2
    • C1/C2
    • S1/S2
  • Meter list including remote management
    • The Bridge maintains a list of meters to be observed and how to forward their data.
    • That list can be managed remotely using the LPWAN Backend.

LoRaWAN features

  • Supported class A and C
    • Class B in preparation
  • Supports specification v1.0.2b
    • Support for v1.0.3 and v1.1 in preparation
  • Designed for Region EU868
    • Other possible regions are IN865, AS923, US915, AU915, KR920
  • Activation by Personalization (ABP) or Over-The-Air-Activation (OTAA)

Sigfox features (in preparation)

  • Designed for Region RCZ1 (Europe)

Other properties and Options


  • White Label devices possible
  • Casing is IP66/68, other cases can be chosen
  • Power supply via USB, battery can be included

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