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What is SIGFOX?


it's a wireless ultra narrow band communication solution with strong focus on energy efficiency rather than bandwidth increase.

Some technical facts:

  • operates in the ISM bands (868 / 915 MHz)
  • data rate is either 100 or 600 Bits/s
  • range is 30 to 50 km for rural and 3 to 10 km for urban areas
  • maximum payload of 12 Bytes per message
  • maximum count of 140 messages per day
  • bidirectional communication possible on demand


Sigfox is a company that is developing and operating the whole network, except for the end devices.

That means, anyone can create an end device and connect it to an application quite easy and very cheap. Sigfox takes care of the whole data transport and will only charge a tiny fee for transporting the data.


With the 3-in-1 Multi-Stack, STACKFORCE offers a protocol stack which gives you the opportunity to choose between three protocols - MIOTY®, LoRaWAN® and Sigfox. Therefore, with the Multi-Stack you achieve maximum flexibility for your product!


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Consulting & Support

We provide consulting and support...

  • in collecting the correct requirements for proper application integration.
  • in solving any design issue for most efficient use of the Sigfox network.
  • for assessment and provision of related / required components.

Development & Solutions

We provide ...

  • development service to integrate a radio chip into your product and enable Sigfox for your product, including certification.
  • a plug&play module, that is Sigfox ready and can connect to the network out-of-the-box.
  • a complete solution including the cloud application to access and even visualize your data.
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