Wireless M-Bus

Smart Metering is Wireless!


For smart metering a seamless and easy integration is mandatory. For this utilizing a wireless technology is a key, but requires communication protocols with little overhead for small amounts of data.

The European wireless M-Bus standard (EN 13757-4) specifies the wireless communication between meters for water, gas, heat, electricity and other meters, as well as the data concentrators for collecting all meter data.

As the wireless M-Bus protocol is well proven and established in different countries, it is a major standard for smart metering not only in Europe, but also in many other regions worldwide.

Smart Metering

At a glance

Advantages and facts about wireless M-Bus:

  • well-proven standard:
    spezified in EN 13757-4
  • low power:
    low complexity and thus low energy consumption of the end nodes due to the star network structure
  • wide area:
    up to 3,5 km transmission range in urban terrain
  • robust:
    narrowband operation and up to 500 mW transmission power
  • secure:
    AES-128 encryption standard
  • cost-effective:
    optimized balance of price and performance


Wireless M-Bus Protocol Stack

STACKFORCE is developing and maintaining it's own well-known and proven Wireless M-Bus Protocol Stack, that is in use by several global players in the metering sector, has been licensed to several major semiconductor manufacturers and has been ported to numerous hardware platforms.

OMS Group
The Open Metering System (OMS) stands for a manufacturer- and utilities-independent standardization for M-Bus based communication between utility meters (electricity, gas, water, district heat, heat cost allocators) and systems in the field of smart meters.

STACKFORCE is actively participating the OMS Group. This is proven by our in relation to company size enormous engagement in several work groups at OMS:

  • Work Group 1 - Primary communications
    In addition: Task Force Security
  • Work Group 3 - Testing norm
  • Work Group 4 - Wired M-Bus

We also provide trainings specifically for regarding the OMS specifications.

Why STACKFORCE for wireless M-Bus

Because ...

  • we are intensively working with wireless M-Bus since almost a decade.
  • we are in touch with most likely all important flavours of wireless M-Bus (OMS, DSMR, CIG UNI/TS, ...).
  • we developed a well known and proven protocol stack.
  • we are engaged in major work groups at OMS group.
  • we are trusted supplier for several meter, collector and semiconductor manufacturers.

Consulting & Support

We have extensive experience in the whole field of wireless M-Bus. Including all its flavours like OMS, CIG UNI/TS, DSMR, ... and related topics like security, timing, cerfitication, and so on. We also provide individual trainings, at our premises or yours, deeply technical including hands-on, but also a mixture of commercial and technical point of view.

Development, Customization & Tools

We can provide everything you need to enable wireless M-Bus for your products. Beginning at a first or training, continued by providing development services, support and tools (such as test and monitoring solutions), up to a complete product development.


Several major players in their sector are trusting in STACKFORCE as the supplier for wireless M-Bus developments, tools and support.

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